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If your farming is a hobby, then you live on a farm that supplies some of your food and you love the setting and the lifestyle of farm living. If you are a homesteader, then your farm is something more, it is your very means of sustenance and way of life. If you are a prepper then your farm produce is going to last because you can it, freeze it and store it, along with everything else that you and your family will need when the big one hits (Whatever that may be). We are Shawn and Ramona Stevens and although we are more hobby farmers than homesteaders, a homestead sometimes starts as a hobby farm and then one day is kicked into high gear. We enjoy the farm life, produce a portion of our food and are definitely preppers. We invite you to explore our website. Read articles, see pictures view videos and get a taste of the adventure that is inseparable from hobby farming, homesteading and prepping!

Hobby Farming

Growing food in a sustainable way. If you have a garden box or an acreage, you can plant crops that suit your climate and help meet your needs.


Make a place your own. Build a homestead that suits your needs and fits your budget.

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Get ready for the big one and the small ones too. From storm closures to disasters, you can be prepared.

Sub-page Highlights:

Ramona's paintings and other original artworks, often with a farming theme.

Canning Peaches and Potatoes

Stand up, meet the challenge and defend the homestead!

Potatoes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow and so versatile in cooking.

Genetically Modified Organisms

Growing tomatoes doesn't require a green thumb.

What if we just sped up your life by a magnitude of 5? Would that be a good thing?

A few words about the heart cry to live free.

Get in touch we are happy to answer any queries you may have

What if the cause for a power failure is found to be foreign interference, fowl play, or even a terrorist strike?

Raising Laying Hens for Pleasure and for Profit

What do you think of when you hear the word “Prepping?”

When you look out from the window of your condo what do you see?

Hobby farming, homesteading, and hard work go hand in hand.

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