Cities and Black-Holes

Posted by Shawn at 3:37 p.m. on Apr. 13, 2020



It's not that the planet is too small. It is how we, as a society, have chosen to live. So much of twenty-first century society has chosen urban living. Urban living is by definition high density. We are packed in and live right up against each other. If we were somehow able to live on a planet like Jupiter (318 times as large as earth) we would probably be doing the same thing. We would be packed in together in high density cities and not taking advantage of the space around us.

There is space around us. Did you know that 95% of the world's population is living on 10% of the world's land? Why don't we spread out?

What happens when we conglomerate ourselves in cities? Our cities then become overcrowded. The demands on the various systems go up. We need more medical system, we need more shopping, we need more cars. We need more...  We also need more politicians to govern us and more police to police us and more government and taxes. Cities are the drivers for this kind of expansion. They drive the “moreness” up. Then one day they reach the tipping point and there is a big crash. It may be a crash of the economy, a crash of the monetary system, of housing or of the medical system, of infrastructure or all of the above.  When the crash happens millions are left hanging. They are left to become instantly independent when they have been dependent for years. However, their environment is not conducive to independence.

The cities lack the necessary amount of arable land and clean water reserves to provide for their population. So they draw on everything and anything around it like a black hole of consumption.

If everyone in a city was moral and hard working then our cities would be  propelling civilization forward into prosperity. However, is this what our cities are doing? If so, why do we have so much national and regional debt? No, I am afraid that our cities and our cultures have been corrupted and our collective consumptionism has made our cities a kind of black hole or bottomless pit.

You can climb out of the pit. There is another world out there, just outside of our cities. It is the rural regions that are less populated and where people are more free. It is that place where there is less government, less intrusion and less pollution. There is also less headache because you have escaped the rat race. We are  humans, not  rats. Why are we racing with the rats on a never-ending hamster wheel. It is time to start  planning your escape.

Shawn Stevens


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